"Helping you achieve optimal alignment for you and your horse"

Meet Georgie


Georgie specialises in improving horse welfare through realignment and massage - a practice known as equine balance therapy. The method was originated by Julie Houghton, who also trained me. Since then, I have developed my practice to combine Deep Tissue work, Rekki, Zero Balancing, Cranial Sacral work; and Trigger Point.

Through 25yrs experience of training horses and riders, my treatments focus on achieving optimum horse movement and fluidity. Horses I work with often present with either general or specific movement issues, and clients return to me so that their horses regain their alignment and improve their comfort.


Clients return to me because the benefits provided to the their horses are tangible, immediate, and compassionate. 

For the past 10 years I have extended my practice to address rider alignment and comfort issues, alongside horses. Adopting a coaching approach to my work with riders, I improve rider posture, their spinal alignment, and also integrate independent movement of each limb with independent seat


Offering a variety of services from horse to rider there is something for everyone:


  • Riding Coaching

  • Horse Massage and Realignment 

  • Rider Sports Massage and Realignment 

  • Horse and Rider realignment coaching

  • Yard Group Sessions 

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Based in the southwest Georgie  is available to treat both hotses and riders in the vicinity.

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